Strähle in networks.

At Strähle, we consider that interdisciplinary work in networks is a part of successful and holistic corporate activity. We have made a conscious decision to be a member of the networks named below in order to contribute actively to a sustainable structure for our working and living environments. 

Forum Office Acoustics

A number of leading companies in the field of office and product design have joined together to found Forum Office Acoustics.  Their motto is “Working together to achieve better acoustics in offices”. They are headed by acoustics experts from Akustikbüro Oldenburg and Hörzentrum Oldenburg, and their aim is to support employers, facility managers, building project clients and architects in planning acoustically optimized offices. Besides developing innovative concepts and plans and giving overall advice on acoustically optimized offices, they focus on quality standards and aspects of research into psychological impact.


The work of the German Society for Sustainable Building, DGNB, is aimed at demonstrating and fostering methods and solutions which facilitate sustainable construction. The core of its work is awarding certificates for sustainable structures in line with the DGNB certification system. The DGNB offices function as a "living showroom" for sustainable construction. A subtle design of interiors, based on the principles of user comfort, environmental compatibility and a life cycle view, complements this approach perfectly with glass partition walls by Strähle in a wood mullion/transom construction.


Project: DGNB Head Office, Stuttgart


european network architecture, ena in short, is an interdisciplinary network of architects, engineers and leading companies, and encompasses all aspects of planning and building.  Using the know-how of the specialists involved, the members of the ena network plan and discuss innovative new solutions regarding building and construction, analyse them together and develop them in working groups. The network, set up as an organisation, won the bronze Cluster Award for its work in 2016.


WECHSELRAUM is an initiative of the BDA (Association of German Architects) Baden-Württemberg. Since it was founded, the primary and unifying idea of the BDA has been to achieve a qualitative improvement of our urban surroundings by means of responsible planning and building with respect to society and the environment.


Exhibitions, presentations and architecture discussions take place in WECHSELRAUM on a small but refined scale. It serves as a place to represent the work of Baden-Württemberg's architects and town planners, to present important projects headed by international architects in Baden-Württemberg, to foster communication amongst architects and related specialist disciplines; and to exchange and discuss cultural building concepts with the public.

Strähle is a sponsor for the concept.                    


Making office buildings healthier and more economical, and putting this into practice - that is the aim of the "MY FUTURE OFFICE" research project. 


This unique research project regards all relevant health aspects and sustainability criteria to do with office buildings. The aspects studied include improving staff efficiency by reducing toxins, and creating a motivating work environment with the aid of optimum acoustics as part of high-quality process management. The project was initiated by Sentinel Haus Institut in cooperation with Rhineland TÜV (Technical Inspection Association); Strähle Raum-Systeme is a project partner supporting the network together with industrial companies.