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glass wall - System 2000 / 2000eco

Product information

The patented mullion construction is the skeleton of this flexible, modular glass partition wall system. The elements can be implemented with either front-flush glazing or centre glazing and are particularly easy to install and change. The modular design enables a number of different element types to be used, including clerestory walls, balustrade walls and fully-glazed walls. The system is completed by a large number of frame and door solutions.

Technical Data

  • Design: Mullion construction
  • Version: Centre glazing and flush-fronted glazing with toughened glass/laminated glass
  • Element types: Balustrade, clerestory, fully glazed
  • Wall thickness: 100 / 125 / 160 mm
  • Ceiling height: Up to 6 m Visible width: 2 x 25 mm / 2 x 35 mm
  • Accessories: Absorbers, blinds, flow ducts, organisational systems
  • Certification: Cradle to Cradle System 2000 eco

Sound insulation

Up to 30 – 52 dB Rwp

Fire protection

F 30


  • Certification: Cradle to Cradle®-certificate as System 2000 eco
  • EPD (Environmental product declaration) zertification
  • Excellent conversion capability and re-usability
  • High-grade materials which are extremely long-lasting
  • Easily separable materials (dismantling, recycling)
  • Materials can be recycled after use   
  • Harmless main material types: glass, aluminium, steel, wood-based materials
  • Building certificate: DGNB, LEED, BREEAM; HafenCity

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Technical Details


Design with mullion


Solid wall, flush framed glazing, central glazing

Element types

Solid wall, balustrade, toplight, fully-glazed


Solid wall (melamine, veneered, HPL or laquered), Glass wall (toughened safety glass / acoustic laminated glass and insulating glass), Anodized / powder-coated aluminium glass frame

Wall thickness

100 / 125 mm, special version 160 mm

Visible width

Solid wall: 5 mm joint, Glass wall: frame width 2 x 25 mm / 2 x 35 mm

Sound insulation

Solid wall: bis Rwp 53 dB (special version Rwp 57 dB), Glass wall: bis Rwp 51 dB (special version Rwp 52 dB)

Fire prevention

Solid wall: various - further details upon request, Glass wall: various - further details upon request


Acoustics absorbers, blinds, climate control elements, accessory systems

Modular grid joint Front-flush glazing
Modular grid joint Centre glazing
Floor connection Front-flush glazing
Ceiling connection Front-flush glazing
Horizontal joint Front-flush glazing
Wall connection Front-flush glazing

Case studies


Partition system 2000

Technical Documentation

Overview partition wall systems

All systems at a glance.

EPD zertification system 2300