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Central Hamburg`s district council

Central Hamburg's district council has a staff of around 1000 people and recently moved into the former offices of the Axel Springer publishing house, where they have now opened their new service centre. Next to the historic Axel Springer listed building from 1956 stands an office building which was built between 1989 and 1996 (building section C) and which the architect's office pbr AG has now adapted to suit the individual needs of the district council to offer staff a modern working environment.


The interior is extremely light and pleasant thanks to the use of glass walls as well as different wooden elements and wooden acoustic slats. The double-shell System 2000 partition walls enable a particularly generous screen whilst also allowing plenty of daylight into the rooms. The ST 40 sound-insulating sliding door saves space and achieves discreet retreat areas. The concept allows for a variety of different conference rooms providing discretion for individual consultations.


The heart of the district's council office can be found on the ground floor and is Hamburg's largest customer centre to date, with the focus on serving citizens. The project shows impressively that modern administrative offices can provide a pleasant working and advice atmosphere.

Builder City Hamburg
Architect pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG
Photographie Ulrich Hoppe
Partition systems 2000
Door systems Sound insulation sliding door

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