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EIB Luxemburg

The European Investment Bank (EIB) based in Luxembourg was founded in 1958 as the bank of the EEC (the predecessor of the European Union) and today it is one of the largest public moneylenders in the world. The existing substance of the building, a late work by British architect Denys Lasdun, built in the European Quarter of Luxembourg in 1980, needed an extension for 750 new jobs.  Natural building materials including wood and glass give the building warmth and transparency. Open areas and break rooms support communication between staff. Strähle's System 2300 adheres to all the architects' ecological requirements and provides both transparency and communicative retreat. Thanks to sound insulation values up to 51 dB, confidential conversations are possible at any time. Short resonance times ensure concentrated working and users' well-being. 

Builder Europäische Investitionsbank
Architect m³ Architekten, Luxemburg
Partition systems 2300

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