Henze AG, Lauben

Henze BNP AG is a leading specialist for processing hexagonal boron nitride. The family-run company develops and manufactures innovative products made of this material ranging from technical precision parts to coatings and sprays used for a wide range of industrial applications. The plan was to reflect the huge significance of development and project work at Henze in the new office building. Initially, the design was for completely open room structures which would facilitate the communication between employees and allow them to work more efficiently on projects in work groups. Practice soon revealed that the open-plan offices designed for ten to twelve people improved the dialogue between employees.


However, discussion and phone calls increased noise intensity – despite an acoustic ceiling and carpets. With the help of the top-quality glass acoustic wall System 7400, it was possible to maintain the transparent and communicative office design whilst creating an atmosphere compatible to concentrated working. Planning focussed on optimising the acoustics of the room. The open offices were partitioned using T baffle boards arranged in accordance with the building's structure. The columns in the room provided the junction point for the T baffle boards. Visually, the room remains one courtesy of the horizontal, half-height sound absorbers. At the same time the workplaces are shielded acoustically from one another and offer more individuality.  


The micro-perforated absorber elements are designed with human voices in mind. Thanks to their special layered construction, they cover a wide frequency range from 100 to 5000 Hz. After the glass acoustic partition walls had been erected, acoustics engineering consultants Fuchs - Raumingenieure GmbH carried out tests to measure reverberation times and sound level differences. The recorded values almost equalled the acoustic quality of a closed, simple system partition wall fitted with 10-mm toughened glass including an all-glass door.


"The installation of Strähle glass acoustic walls brought a new quality to the workplace in our offices. We are so satisfied that we have already issued the order for upgrading the next floor up," explains Christoph Henze, Chairman of Henze BNP AG

Builder Henze BNP AG
Architect Dobler GmbH & Co. KG Planungsbüro, Engineering consultans: Fuchs Raumingenieure GmbH
Photographie Peter Bajer
Acoustic systems Glass acoustic wall system 7400

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