myhive, Am Wienerberg

We introduce you to myhive am Wienerberg, Vienna, where an entirely new office concept has been created in an exceptional location – with a breathtaking view to boot. All the usual comforts allow for smooth day-to-day business and there is more than enough space for interaction – the ideal foundations for great ideas and a whole lot of motivation. The high-end interiors including raised floors and cooling ceilings promise excellent room conditions all year round. The 2.8 m high offices can be flexibly adapted to make the most of the space. Mirroring the Ungargasse site, inside’s “2000” partition system featuring black anodised profiles has been installed throughout.


The double-glazed System 2000 ensures a high degree of acoustic insulation and a sleek appearance on both sides. Thanks to the modular design, various types of elements are made possible, whether balustrade, top-light or fully glazed walls.

The office partition walls have been equipped with a vast array of organisational elements, such as sideboards, fabric pinboards and whiteboards, to help workers in their day-to-day tasks. As they can be conveniently integrated into the joints of the partition walls, no tools are required to attach them.


Innovative glazing, combining transparency and discretion

The double-glazed system ensures a high degree of acoustic insulation and a sleek appearance on both sides. A third glazing level comprising electrically satinised glass (switchable glass) is installed in the middle of the structural glazing. Its entire surface can be made opaque at the touch of a button using a tablet. Users can therefore freely choose between an open-space feel and privacy in the blink of an eye. Decals have been added to the glass walls of the meeting rooms as a decorative feature and give each one an individual flair.

Builder Immofinanz
Architect Holzbauer & Partner ZT GmbH
Interior architect Fröch Architekten ZT GmbH
Photographer Michael Hedl objektiv.gesehen
Partition wall system 2000, 2300

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