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Taunus Turm, Frankfurt

The TaunusTurm tower was the first building on the Neue Mainzer Straße. Its 13 m high entrance lobby faces the adjoining park. The lower six floors of the skyscraper are shared with the adjoining Wallanlage residential tower, and simultaneously form a solid basis for the high-rise building above them. The base building with its protrusions and recesses provides a nuanced form of integration into the neighbouring park and street area. Besides the public lobbies, it houses a canteen, generous office space and the technology floor.


The TaunusTurm tower has LEED® platinum certification. The short building time of only 14 months for the shell was possible thanks to ready-made concrete pillars, which were used for the first time on this scale.


For different tenants in the TaunusTurm tower, partition wall systems by Strähle were used. The 2300 structural glazing partition wall system was implemented in black or naturally anodised colour with a range of different door variants. Ceiling-high black structural glazing doors, flush on both sides provide a homogeneous flush-fit all-glass look. 


The high sound insulation values of the system provide a wide range of options for undisturbed working – whether as office space or as retreat areas for making phone calls undisturbed. With the ST 40 sound insulating sliding door, space can be gained in confined areas without the need to dispense with sound insulation. With an Rwp value of 34 dB, it is possible to hold a conversation undisturbed.


In the offices with naturally anodised frames, solid doors with maple or oak veneer, or painted in black, provide a contrast to the all-glass elements. The solid doors with upper panels structure the corridors.

Builder Tishman Speyer Properties Deutschland GmbH, Commerz Real
Architect Gruber + Kleine -Kraneburg Architekten, Frankfurt
Photographie Huber Fotodesign
Partition systems 2300
Door systems solid doors, Structural-Glazing-doors

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