TPA group, Vienna

The new offices of TPA, Vienna in the ICON VIENNA at the main railway station were designed with Partition Wall System 3400 in a modern, transparent style. The new headquarters show an open design, modern colours and a high-quality ambience. On five floors, the all-glass system with single glazing was used to create zones and create a variety of office spaces and conference rooms. Both all-glass doors and solid wooden doors contributing to a warm office atmosphere are used. Curved panes take up the architecture of the building façade and are in striking contrast to the filigree all-glass corners.


The basis of the partition wall system is a variable aluminium floor and ceiling profile, which can support a number of different types of glazing and thus enable sound insulation levels of up to 41 dB.


Short assembly times, a high degree of economy and a transparent appearance were the major criteria for designing the surfaces.

Builder Signa
Architect Team Gnesda, Projektstuerung; Pro Projekt
Photograph Bernhard Schramm
Partition systems 2300, 3400
Door systems solid door, fully glazed door

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