Partition wall

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One piece of innovatively milled steel becomes the foundation for limitless design possibilities.


Strähle offers various partition wall systems but the System 2000 mullion construction is the original. The mullion, patented in 1986, forms the substructure of our walls. The steel struts are milled from a single piece of steel and formed to create two internal chambers. This enables solid walls or glazed elements as well as organisational and acoustic systems to be inserted in every vertical partition wall seam. Structural and physical demands such as sound insulation, fire protection and statics are all fulfilled thanks to the construction method and materials used. Strähle partition walls are re-usable. They are easy to move in order that a room layout can be modified with minimum effort should re-organisation be required. This is even possible during everyday business, as almost no mess is created.

Creative flexibility


Strähle wall systems are modular systems and are available in solid wall, balustrade wall, clerestory wall or glass wall versions. Many different design possibilities for the system are possible due to the diversity of materials (glass, wood, aluminium, textile) and the large range of colours available. The solid elements and glazed elements are simply inserted into the mullion and can be easily exchanged. 


Advantages at a glance


  • Easy to assemble and relocate
  • High sound insulation and fire protection
  • Compatibility of all systems
  • Integration of acoustic elements
  • Ceiling heights up to six metres
  • High cost-effectiveness (economical room layout, long-term usage)
  • Flexibility, modularity, functionality, design freedom
  • Sustainability (durable, re-usable, recyclable)
  • Organisational systems can be integrated


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